‘This was the first time I had used professional movers and Dan’s Van Lines was fantastic! There were a bit late the day of the move and there was a bit of confusion, however, once they got there they moved efficiently and quickly and came in at the price that was agreed upon. They assembled my furniture, put furniture exactly where I wanted it, and, since I was also getting rid of some of my other furniture, they moved it to the new apartment and put it by those dumpsters for me at no additional charge (the dumpsters at the new place allow for this). When I move again, I will absolutely be calling this team. They made this move significantly easier and definitely made it worth the money. I had moved 7 times in 6 years using friends for help and this was definitely a better choice. They were a bit higher price wise than some of the other places but Dan worked with me, gave me some ideas as far as timing, etc.and how many people I would need and helped me make the best choice for my situation. None of my furniture was rare or very expensive so I chose not to get the optional insurance, and I still had zero issues as far as furniture/scratching/things missing. I did pack all of my things ahead of time so I do not know about their packing services, but overall they were great.’