Our Story

Dan La May didn’t mean to get into the moving business more than 20 years ago. But he found out he was pretty good at it! Since 1997, Dan’s Van Lines has grown into one of northern Virginia’s most trusted moving companies, with a solid list of clients who readily attest to its professionalism and reliability.

Dan’s Van Lines provides exceptional moving services in Virginia and beyond, but that’s not all! It’s a mover that also offers peace of mind; the kind of credibility that Dan and Esperanza La May bring to all of the moves they manage and oversee, right down to the last detail.

Here’s how Dan’s Van Lines started: Dan was actually an early gig worker, hauling items for people outside of his day job. “I was just looking to make some extra money, and one thing led to another,” Dan says. From moving refinished vintage claw bathtubs to courier drop-offs to Einstein bagel deliveries, Dan was increasingly contacted in the Washington, DC metro area for transport services. “Then more people wanted furniture moved, so I rented bigger trucks,” Dan said. “Over time, I found I was doing more and more household moves, around Virginia and across the country.” After Dan and Esperanza married in 2000, they made a conscious decision to make moving their business. Through participation in a local chamber of commerce and a business networking group, the referrals grew, and Dan’s Van Lines did, too!

Today, Dan’s Van Lines is a thriving mid-size Virginia-based moving company that efficiently and intelligently manages residential and office moves (whether local, long-distance or global). And the company is equipped to handle all aspects of a transition: planning, packing, staging, storage and even movement of specialty items, like heavy equipment, pianos, fitness machines, fine art, swing-sets and the like. “We started out small and learned by doing,” Dan says. “Every move is an opportunity to do it even better the next time – that’s always been our approach to the moving business.”

Their approach works! Testimonials from individuals, families, and businesses through the years of Dan’s Van Lines history tell the story of a moving company that’s responsible and trustworthy, that listens and works hard to complete quality, accurately priced moves. More recently, Dan’s Van Lines has also gained a reputation in retirement communities and with older clientele as a mover that takes care of customers. “Moving from one home to another is a difficult undertaking for all of our customers – we understand that,” says Esperanza. “We try to appreciate everyone’s special concerns. And with our older clients, we know they need a different kind of sensitivity and compassion.”

Esperanza and Dan cherish the relationships that have come from the successful moves they manage. Dan says, “I loved it when I could be with people as the truck reached their destination – they were always so delighted when their belongings arrived!” Esperanza agrees. “Being a mover is a complicated business with a lot of responsibility, but it’s so gratifying when people are happy at the end. And there’s one more thing we love: that the people who have worked with us for many years have become friends and family. That’s what makes our company so special. We care just as deeply about the people inside our company as those we serve out in the world. That’s why we say that when people call Dan’s Van Lines, they just made their best move!”