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Moving During the Holidays, in Fall or Winter? Brrrrrilliant!

If you find yourself with a schedule that makes the fall or winter months the best option to move, take heart! To be sure, there are challenges: shorter days, uncertain weather and holidays are three of them. But there are advantages, too, and we have some great tips to help you maximize such a transition. You can benefit from seasonal pricing [...]

Declutter, Donate, Discard!

One of the opportunities you’ll have when moving is to declutter, donate and discard some of the optional items in your home. It’s a great time to weed out items that no longer serve you, from clothing to housewares, from electronics to unneeded furniture. Not sure where to start? There are some common items people consider releasing when prepping for a move [...]

The Big List of Great Moving Hacks

What does it mean when you find a great hack for something? These days, it usually means someone’s found a way to improvise something quick, clever and effective! We’ve pulled together some of the greatest hacks ever to save you time or money and bring you some solutions you might not have considered while packing and moving! Pre-move Hacks Notify anyone [...]

Fifteen Fantastic Tips for Moving with Kids

Moving is a challenge. Moving with children is a challenge, too – but there are ways to make it easier…and even fun! Let’s get right down to the information with these 15 helpful tips: Tell your children about the move as early as possible. Because children’s lives are rooted in the familiarity of their homes, schools, neighborhoods and friends, it’s wise [...]

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