Frequently Asked Questions

If I’m not tied to a specific date, is there a good month or a good season to move?

Moving companies are busiest during the summer months – that’s when we have our heaviest volumes, and it might be challenging for you to schedule a preferred date. But here’s some advice for any time of year – if you can be flexible on your move date, we can work with you both on pricing and delivery, and it makes the moving process a little easier.

When should I start getting moving estimates?

Once you know when you want to move, give your potential movers as much advance notice as possible! A good rule of thumb is about six weeks from your preferred move date – that helps estimators assess the weight and timeframe for your pickup and delivery.

How does Dan’s Van Lines calculate the cost of my shipment?

For local moves, the charges are based on hourly time and volume, with a four-hour minimum. For out-of-state moves, the charges are based on the weight of your shipment plus mileage (these are referenced as transportation charges). Additional charges that may appear include packing, crating, valuation or coverage, bulky article charge (for oversized items), and extra labor.

What is a Bill of Lading?

The bill of lading is the receipt you’ll receive from the driver who loads your shipment. It identifies the mover and specifies when the transportation is to be performed.  Every mover is required to prepare a bill of lading for every shipment they transport. It is your responsibility to read and understand the information on the bill of lading before you sign it. It also specifies the terms and conditions for payment of the total moving charges.

Can I pack some things in the drawers of a dresser or desk?

We require all loose items to be packed in boxes to prevent loss or damage while moving. Drawers should be emptied for the move.

What about small valuables, like jewelry or stamp collections?

We suggest that our customers separate irreplaceable and expensive articles and carry them personally to the new location.

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