Why Us

Your belongings – the furniture you carefully chose, the pictures you lovingly framed, the contents of your kitchen, your remote office, your children’s toys, your parents’ keepsakes – all the hundreds of things that you see and use and touch every day make a house your home.

We get it. We’re a family-owned moving company, and we understand that we’re not just moving rooms of household goods – we’re safeguarding all of the feelings and moments those rooms hold for you, too. It’s hard to trust these special items to someone else.

We’d feel the same way if it was our move we were planning!

We’ve managed many different moves since 1997. Our clients may be single, married or partnered, young or young at heart, with kids and pets or not! But no matter how unique each move might be, there’s one element that’s always the same: every single one gets our special attention and care. Our operations experts are knowledgeable and experienced, our moving professionals are courteous, prompt and skilled, and we treat the house you are leaving and the one you are moving into with respect and care. (Check out our testimonials to see what our customers say about our service!)

That’s why we’re proud to say when someone calls Dan’s Van Lines, they just made their best move!

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